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Good Health Begins With Vitamin D3 Supplements

In order to fend off germs and promote overall health, it is important to incorporate vitamin D3 into your diet. Furthermore, in the past, the medical community believed that 200 international units was plenty to do so. Now, studies have shown that 1000 international units is what is necessary for people to maintain good health.
Vitamin D comes from the Sun. In order to get enough of this vitamin, it is important to be outdoors and absorb the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, the suns rays can be damaging to the skin and is therefore recommended that we wear sunscreen, while outdoors. This in turn, blocks out the sun. But, 10 minutes outdoors is vital in order to get natural vitamin D.
Enjoying a few minutes outside in combination with your vitamin D3 will help to promote good health and will also help your body to absorb other vitamins that are essential for proper function.
In addition to the vitamin D3, a healthy supply of vitamin C will keep you strong, thereby fending off different viruses that are are presently at the top of people’s priorities, such as the H1N1 virus.
There are many vitamins and supplements that are vital for healthy living. However, one should never assume that they take the place or replace the necessity of proper diet, i.e. the food that you must eat. In order to complete the nutritional necessities, supplements come into play.
With that said, it is imperative for all, regardless of age, that we eat well and take the right vitamins to fight aging, germs and other diseases.…