Getting Comfortable with Your Body

Visiting your OBGYN is an important part of your feminine health whether you’re pregnant, starting a family, or are maintaining your overall health. Although the idea of some of the procedures that you might have performed at the office can seem a bit uncomfortable, they are procedures that can sometimes determine if there are issues present that need to be treated. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before your appointment so that you’re a bit more relaxed when you get to the office.

Before you go to your appointment, you need to know why you’re going. If it’s your first appointment with any obgyn milledgeville ga office, then you’ll usually talk about your menstrual cycle and some of the things that you can expect. Your doctor might want to talk to you about birth control options and diseases that you could contract and how you can stay safe. Keep in mind that you usually won’t need to have a pelvic exam until you’re about 21 unless you have irregular menstrual cycles or there are other issues that you’re concerned about. As you get older, you’ll usually be asked to have a pelvic exam and a breast exam at least once a year to monitor your feminine health.

Your appearance shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Your doctor has seen bodies of all types. Know that you’re going to take care of your body and to ensure that you’re as healthy as possible. One of the things to consider would be changing your appointment if you’re in the middle of your menstrual cycle as this can sometimes alter the results of a pelvic or breast exam.

Open communication is important when you see your OBGYN. You want to find a doctor who you’re comfortable with so that you can feel free to talk about any topic that you’re concerned about. If you’re comfortable around your doctor, then it will usually be easier to open up about you sex life as well. During examinations, you’ll tend to feel a little more comfortable about what to expect if you’re able to easily communicate with your doctor instead of feeling as though you’re nervous or that your doctor is only there to perform a detailed exam.

Educate yourself as much as possible about the way your body works. If you understand the terms associated with parts of your body and their functions, then it can be easier to carry on a conversation. It can also make the appointment more comfortable since you’re not ashamed or too modest to talk about your own body. Make a list of questions that you have before your appointment so that you don’t forget to talk about anything. If there is a concern that you forget to mention, then contact the office once you get home. Don’t forget to make an appointment for a future visit before you leave the office so that you can prepare mentally and physically.