The Healing Pact of Arc Project

Many people in this world suffer from addiction. The Arc Project, an addiction center in the UK, has helped patients get clean and learn how to manage their addiction. What’s so unique about this center from other rehab centers around the world?

In-Depth Treatment Options

The Arc Project allows patients to grow over time with in-depth programs that are specifically built for them. Treatment programs are based on the patient needs. Although a regular treatment schedule usually lasts up to 12 weeks, it is requested that 4 weeks should be committed to rehab sessions to see a change in the viewpoint of life. It can be said that the long-lasting patients are the ones that end with a favorable outlook on life.

12-Step Program

In addition, rehab sessions are completed with a 12 step program that is meant to distance itself with the concept of religion. Yet, many patients allow themselves to connect the two topics on their own in order to make progress in their own lives. Not only does the Arc Project have a 12 step program but they also allow their patients to enjoy other therapies like meditation and yoga. While these therapies are less clinical in nature, they permit the mind to join with the spirit of the body and allow the process of accepting and healing.

Specialized Attention to Each Patient’s Needs

In fact, the staff of the center itself can attest to some of these therapies since they have gone through the same struggles of kicking addiction as well. The benefits of this center are long like for example, a well-working gym, exciting days out, and low patient numbers. Since the Arc Project only has 19 beds, every patient can receive the individual attention they need. However, this special attention patients will have to pay a certain price. Totaling at EUR 11, 520 for 12 weeks and EUR 3,840 for only 4 weeks of rehab.

The Arc Project has been able to help many people despite differences in age, wealth, and background. Using different types of therapies and techniques, the Arc Project has happily helped people further their lives while managing addition. If interested in the services the Arc Project provides, please visit this web link to start a new life without the dangers of addiction.